How to unlock your iPhone 4 / 4s – Howto Guide

How to succesfully  unlock iPhone? a Big Question several years ago when there was a variety  of solutions available. Each iPhone model had its own specific instructions and software tools available to break free from your carrier, most of these methods were complicated, and they all were only temporary.  Fortunately things have become a LOT easyer in 2013!
The best way to unlock your iDevice today is via the so called IMEI Unlock. Imei unlocks are permanent factory unlocks, where your iPhone’s unique IMEI number is whitelisted in Apple’s database of unlocked iPhones.  To break free from your carrier, you simply submit your IMEI number to one of the many IMEI unlock sites and  2-24 hours later your iPhone will be permanently unlocked. Without Voiding warranty, without difficult software instructions and without hassle. The best thing is that you will be permanently unlocked: Even after updating to new (future) iOS version, the device will stay unlocked.

To Unlock iPhone now  visit this site. It really is the best  site  in terms of service, turn around time and reliabilty. If you want to learn more about how it works, what the benefits of these unlocks are, please continue reading.

Let’s see what all of the fuss is about!


Breaking free from your carrier, you open yourself up to a whole world of benefits. Chief among them is freedom. This allows you to use the smartphone with any network, carrier, or simcard in the world. This is great for people who want to travel and use local simcards with the same phone, people who want to sell their iPhone to someone in a foreign country, and for those of us who just want to use a different provider that offers cheaper or better service.

This method is also better than other methods available today for a variety of other reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of the main benefits below:

•  It works with every model of the iPhone. No matter what model of phone you have, this is guaranteed to work with all models and versions of the iPhone

•  It works with every version of iOS. Have an older version of iOS? Don’t worry – it works with every single version!

•  It does not void the Apple warranty.

As you can see, a factory unlocking for any iPhone including iPhone 4S  has a lot of benefits. But we haven’t even covered the biggest and best one yet.

The biggest and best benefit is that it is permanent. Unlike other methods available, factory unlocking is permanent. What this means is that you can use data, update your phone, and download apps just like you did before unlocking your phone. The reason that this is so important is that when you use a different method of unlocking your iPhone, the slightest update or download can reset or relock your phone back to its original settings. The bypasses this and makes it so that you can use your phone like normal.

It works with any Model and Version of  the iPhone

Like we mentioned above, one of the greatest things  is that it works with any model or version of iPhone around. Unlike other methods, it is not limited to a single model or version of the product.

However, it does not yet work on every network. Currently, most networks are unlockable but a few still aren’t. Luckily though, the biggest and best iPhone hackers are currently working on ways to unlock these networks and allow greater freedom to all iPhone users.

If you are unsure whether your carrier can be  unlocked, then check out this amazing resource:

The website allows you to enter your iPhone’s information ( IMEI) , and finds out to what carrier your iDevice is tied to. If your network is able to be unlocked, then will be able to help you unlock it in no time at all. They also list tips, free jailbreak tools and Email you a step by step guide that guides you trough the process and all of its sub-steps including finding your phone’s IMEI number.

Factory Unlocks Are Permanent trough iTunes

As soon as you receive their Email, simply connect your device to iTunes and it will auto complete the steps needed

You don’t have to worry about not updating, restricting data use, or not downloading apps.

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