What are the Most Prevalent reasons for Data Lose?

Data Loss Prevention

For any business, data lose is a significant problem that can hamper their productivity and value. It means the company will have to put double efforts and time to restore the lost data which would ultimately reflect on the workings of the business. A business or company loses essential data pertaining to theft, accidental deletion of files or hardware troubles. Besides these there are numerous other reasons through with a business can lose its files. It becomes imperative for enterprises to deploy a proper computer storage solution that is leak and breach-proof.

While some files can be retrieved or restored without any professional assistance, but most records are hard to recover without the help of an IT consultant. However, not all companies are fortunate enough to have their data fully recovered. It makes taking preventive data loss measures essential for business. But in order to know how to protect a business’s data from losing, it is vital first to understand how companies can lose their data. As per the professionals from IT service company, these are the most common causes of data loss.

Human Error
No human is perfect, and we often commit some or the other mistake now and then. Though a mistake might be small, sometimes it can turn into a big disaster for the business. An employee might delete a file or overwrite it unintentionally. There are cases where employees mistakenly remove crucial information which cannot be retrieved. Besides this, human errors can result in hard drive damage, liquid spills, mistaken formatting of drives and hardware theft which can lead to data loss.

Viruses and Malware
Virus attacks and malware are the most common reasons for data losses. A virus attack can hamper the productivity of a business considerably. It can delete the full or part of data, steal business information or bring down the server of the company. There are numerous ways in which a company can get attacked by a virus like through emails and applications.

Hard Drive Damage
Hardware malfunction is another primary reason for data loss. Hard drives are very fragile, and they are more susceptible to damage or crash. As per a report, over 140 thousand cases of hard drive crash are registered every week. Majority of these cases are due to mechanical malfunctions. Moreover, human mishandling and miss use or over usage are other causes of hard drive damage.

Disasters never knock on our doors without hitting us. Be it a natural disaster or a human-made calamity, and it has a catastrophic effect on businesses of all sizes and shapes. A company might lose its computers, critical data or the entire business to the disaster. Most companies find it hard to sustain for long after a major disaster. Thus, it is vital to have DRP and back up of all the essential data. Businesses should adopt the practice of back-up the data regularly and keep them stored at a secure place.