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As social media and digital marketing keep evolving, consumers are keener about receiving personalized services. What customers of today’s generation are looking for better user experiences be it through relevant content or customized services. Thus, it is imperative to say that in this digital world, focusing on customers and their needs is very necessary.

Most marketers are looking out for ways to leverage social media platforms to initiate personalized communication. Since targeting customers through personalized content can help brands create the right impression and a strong brand image, they have inclined towards e-mailer marketing.

Trends That Reshape the Online Customer Experience
Creating and using dynamic content is a must if a marketer wants to provide a personalized customer experience. Adopting this practice for all other digital efforts besides email marketing can only help the business grow better.

Many might wonder what exactly this personalized email marketing is? To simply put, it is targeting a campaign to a particular group of customers or subscribers. The campaign and message are created after analyzing the data like the likes, interests, and preferences of the targeted audience. Digital marketing companies Virginia and elsewhere use the data to develop personalized emailer for their clients to make more informative, entertaining and personal.

Focus on the facts:

If you are yet not convinced why is it imperative for your business to engage in email marketing, have a look at the stats:

    • Personalized emails increase online click-through rates and conversion rate by 14% and 10% respectively.
    • Emails that carry customer’s name in the subject line is more likely to be opened. 26% times more to be precise.
    • Over 74% of marketers are of the opinion that by employing customer targeted email marketing, they have witnessed an increase in business-customer engagement

Using Customer Data to Personalize Your Emails

Collecting Insights
Always remember that there is a thin line between being personal and being interfering. Crossing this line can cost you your client. As a marketer, you would never want to come across any such situation. Besides gathering the contact information of your clients, know about their birthdays, anniversaries and things they like. Having this information will assist you in framing more personalized emails.

Doing it right
Once you have gathered the customer’s insights, be very careful about using the content. No matter how small a mistake you commit, your customer will not think twice before unsubscribing you, even worse, they can report you as spam. Before pushing your email in their inbox, ensure that you have correct data of your customers. If they live in different time zone than yours, automate your email based on their time zone. Make sure the emails you send out are personalized, logical and appealing to the eyes.

Personalize your design too!
In a personalized email, the design is as crucial as the message. Creating personalized design becomes easier if you have a better understanding of your customer’s choices and preferences. You can create a notable impact on your client through your email template if it has elements that the client relates best.

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